My New Blog Address

Hello friends, I have moved to my own new and improved personal website . Please click on this link, to follow my posts in future. I will be using only the new link mentioned above for my new posts. Thank you and I hope to see you all there 🙂 Continue reading My New Blog Address

A Treasure Trove of Childhood Memories

#SiblingStories is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the Brand #angtatva. 37 esteemed bloggers from the blogging fraternity have joined hands to participate in the Blog train for #SiblingTalk to revive the sweet and tickling hours spent with loving siblings and relive the golden memories of the past. I am Kalpana Manivannan, a former Biology … Continue reading A Treasure Trove of Childhood Memories

8 Easy strategies that I use to get my kids to eat healthy

I understand that eating healthy and nutritious is not something you can just preach and get results instantly. It’s a journey you take along with your family towards building healthy eating habits. It needs conscious, sensible and sound decision making from the parents to inculcate a life-long good eating habit in their kids. My husband … Continue reading 8 Easy strategies that I use to get my kids to eat healthy

Welcome To My Farm

Finally! We are ready to have people over at our farm. Never in our wildest imagination did we visualise this day to arrive so soon. And yet, here we are! Ready to embrace something we have never done before. The date was decided on a whim as we have been contemplating this for quite some … Continue reading Welcome To My Farm

Are we chasing a cheap dream?

Have you ever wondered why home-grown/ homemade/ handmade/ handcrafted… is always expensive, and difficult to source? And all the while, their cheaper counterparts are readily available in abundance, at every nook and cranny of the city. It’s the marketing of such dubious products that prey on our time-constraint and need for convenience. They know that … Continue reading Are we chasing a cheap dream?