A Treasure Trove of Childhood Memories

55 thoughts on “A Treasure Trove of Childhood Memories”

  1. Loved your writing style. Felt close to heart. I can totally picturized your bond with your siblings. The sketches were icing on the cake. Me and my sister are four years apart and my kids are eight years apart. So I have experienced and experiencing both.
    #Siblingtalks #Siblingstories

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    1. What a lovely thing to say Alpana! It’s the best compliment you can get…”that you could actually feel what the writer is feeling” through her words. It is so great to know that you could be in my shoes with your experiences. Thank you so much for the sharing your thoughts and experience with me.


  2. Awww i just loved your post . Such a beautiful bond u share with your brother and sister . I always feel a void of a sister . It was good to read about licking hands and elbows too . Those memories are so precious .

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    1. That’s the sweetest thing to say Vartika ❤️❤️ Glad I could paint a picture of my childhood and my bond with my siblings. Thanks so much dear. The sketches were a list minute addition as I couldn’t find relevant pics to go with my text. So glad I decided to go with it..

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  3. Indeed so beautiful, such fascinating to read…coming straight from your heart and with no coating and no icing, one could feel the breath of freshness and the warmth in the relationship. This is precisely how we all grow up as sibling, it is just that many of us don’t express and capture the relationship in such nuanced and vivid manner. And with your wonderful writing style with that subtle craft of simplicity, it has just flown and there is that softness and sweetness in the narration.

    There is this irony of life with distance we come close and with age we see different stage in our sibling relationship. Who else can be our better friend, guide philosopher than our elder sibling and this all evolves and many times we find our younger sibling to be more mature and we get the best of advise from them. The ecosystem of parents with the brothers and sister makes it a complete family.

    It was joy reading through lovely piece of experiences from your wonderful childhood and great to know that the root remains so strong…
    Thanks for such a lovely post.

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    1. As usual, its a pleasure to read your comments Nihar. I am on cloud nine reading such kind and wonderful words of appreciation. I wanted a simple, heartfelt, raw and vivid narration in plain simple language to bring out the essence of childhood innocence of those golden days and I am so glad you found them so. Thanks once again for your detailed feedback.

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      1. Your thoughts resonates so well and with your simplicity of words it was indeed a joy to read through the story of your lovely childhood experiences…
        I am sure it is all a product of your closeness with nature and the way you have disconnected with the noises of city and connected with the voice of nature.

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    1. Thank you Mayuri. So happy to hear that you liked them. When I looked for pics to add to the post I couldn’t find anything that brought out what I was picturing in my head That’s what pushed me to do the sketches. So glad it helped to visualize the scenarios… My purpose solved 😁😁


    1. Haha…thank you so much Paresh. Actually i liked it too, because its as realistic as it can get. I don’t believe in a lovey-dovey picture painted about siblings…it just cant be so. What’s a sibling relationship without some hair pulling, eh? Thank you for such a wonderful comment.


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