Coconut Palm – #ThursdayTreeLove

20 thoughts on “Coconut Palm – #ThursdayTreeLove”

  1. Happy to see your coconut farm which you mentioned. Is it far from Chennai? Does it take a lot of time to commute? I agree with you that finding a great south Indian meal (not just chutney) is impossible here in North India!

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    1. Thank you so much. Its a 45 min drive from my place…so not too far! And yes, it is difficult to get authentic south indian meal in North just as it is impossible to find amazing authentic North indian food down south. Glad you liked the post.

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  2. I love that name and those pictures are amazing. How cool that you guys bought this farm 🙂 Thank you for joining! I did not see the link on my post but I remembered your post and stooped by. I should think about how to make it easy for you.

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    1. I bet you, it was! Didn’t think we would be doing something crazy like that. But yeah…we sure love it. And yes its bliss watching the trees grow and the fruits of labour are always sweeter…Thank you so much for stopping by. Really appreciate your comments. Feels good to share my enthusiasm and love for my farm with you.

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  3. How nice to have a farm with coconut trees, you have chosen the correct name, your pictures are simply beautiful and your writing about the chutneys brought memories of my mom who used to make delicious chutneys for dosa “s and idli’s.

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