Thoughts on life & purpose – #FridayReflections

12 thoughts on “Thoughts on life & purpose – #FridayReflections”

  1. I am so glad to have connected with you Kalpana. Your journey is inspiring and I sincerely hope you make a huge success of organic farming. As someone who quit corporate world to chase my passion for writing, I can relate to the emotion behind the decision.

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    1. So so happy to have connected with you too Sonia. And i am so glad you could understand my decision. I have written a separate post on my journey and farm dream. And kudos to you for bravely opting out of the corporate madness for the love of writing. More power to us. Let our tribe grow.

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  2. Quitting jobs, taking up new jobs, roles, passions, making mistakes, falling, rising – all of it- the journey is guaranteed to be a very memorable one. Loved reading your thoughts on this aspect of life.

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  3. Kavita, first of all many congratulations to listening to your heart’s calling and staying on the new chosen path! One needs a lot of courage to trade a path that is anything but away from the comfort zone. Wishing you a great success ahead!


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